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The perfect add-on to your order!


We surveyed almost 800 of our previous customers and when asked "what other items would you have liked to have offered with your new hutch" - the following 7 items came up over and over again.



Just say 'Yes!' and we can send these items with your new Highgrove Hutch so you get everything you might need in one easy, hassle free transaction.

Take a look...

  • Excel Herbage Timothy Hay 1kg.
    Usual Pets At Home Price : £6.00 - Our Price: £5! (save 16%)

One of the most popular selling and delicious sources of dietary fibre for your pet rabbit or guinea pig. Veterinary recommended this sweet-smelling Timothy hay is consistently 5 star rated by owners. A real treat for your pet!


  • 1x Large Metal Hay Rack.
    Amazon Price : £7.77 - Our Price: £7! (save 9.9%)

This large (size 22 x 16 x 6 cm) sturdy metal hay rack is easy to install and can be positioned at the height you want it inside your new hutch. It's a convenient way to keep hay dry and clean and prevent wastage. A strong and good quality hay manger and the perfect add on for your new hutch!


Grass Ball

  • 1 x All Natural 6cm Grass Ball. Price : £3.45 | Amazon's Price: £4.50 - Our Price: £2.25! (save 34%)

A fun toss toy for your rabbit or guinea pig, with a tinkling bell to catch their attention.This grass ball is easy for your pet to grasp and toss about. The ball includes a small bell to catch their attention.

Sisa Roll

  • 1 x Sisal Roll: Price : £3.79 - Our Price: £2.25! (save 40%)

This 18cm sisal roll ensures hours of playing fun and constantly stirs up your pet’s playing instinct.

Grass Raddishes

  • 2 x Colourful Grass Raddishes. Price : £3.04 - Our Price: £2.25! (save 25%)

Two colourful raddishes - your pet will love nibbling them and moving them around.

Chewable Carrot

  • 1 x Chewable 20cm Carrot: Price : £4.50 - Our Price: £2.25! (save 50%)

This large sisal Carrot will ensure hours of playing fun and constantly stir up your pet's playing instinct.This carrot also has catnip included to encourage your pet to play.


Simply Add All These Items To Your Order Today And Save up to 30%!



If you were to purchase these exact items from or Pets @ Home then you'd most likely spend around £30.

But because sending a 2nd box with your order won't cost us much more, and because we have secured a special deal with the wholesalers - we would like to offer you one of these convenient 'New Hutch Starter Boxes' at a special discount.


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