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Hideaway Rabbit Hutch Offer

Hideaway Rabbit Hutch Offers

The perfect add-on to your order and now at our lowest price ever!

Ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals that like to chew. Treat your pet to these 5 popular boredom breakers and get them for the lowest online price – Guaranteed!

Inside each boredom breaker box you are going to find:

Hideaway Rabbit Hutch Grass Ball

  • 1 x All Natural 6cm Grass Ball.
    Amazon.co.uk Price : £3.45

A fun toss toy for your rabbit, with a tinkling bell to catch their attention.This grass ball is easy for your rabbit to grasp and toss about. The ball includes a small bell to catch your rabbits attention.

Hideaway Rabbit Hutch Sisa Roll

  • 1 x Sisal Roll:
    Amazon.co.uk Price : £3.16

This 18cm sisal roll ensures hours of playing fun and constantly stirs up your pet’s playing instinct.

Hideaway Rabbit Hutch Grass Radishes

  • 2 x Colourful Grass Raddishes.
    Amazon.co.uk Price : £2.45

Two colourful rabbishes - your pet will love nibbling them and moving them around.

Hideaway Rabbit Hutch Carrot

  • 1 x Chewable 20cm Carrot:
    Amazon.co.uk Price : £2.93

This large sisal Carrot will ensure hours of playing fun and constantly stir up your pet's playing instinct.This carrot also has catnip included to encourage your rabbit to play.


Hideaway Rabbit HutchThese toys are a great way to help relieve boredom, increase exercise and satisfy the nautural urge to chew. If you were to purchase these exact items off Amazon.co.uk then they would cost you almost £12.

But because sending a 2nd box with your order won't cost us more, and because we sell alot of these items and have secured a special deal with the wholesaler- we would like to offer you this convenient 'Boredom Breakers Box' at a special discount.


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